CDPH OUTDOOR AIR QUALITY ENVIRONMENTAL FORENSICS PROGRAM EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS UNIT provides leadership in best practices training and associated exercises to identify gaps in health coalition response to mass casualty CBRNE events.

Producers and Principal Content Providers

  • California Department of Public Health (CDPH)
  • Stephen Wall, PhD, Chief, Environmental Forensics Laboratories
  • Kevin Chao, PhD, Emergency Preparedness Unit Coordinator

Additional Content Providers*

  • Deborah Warner, DWC Crisis Planning and Communications
  • Paul Carr, Directory Security, Kaiser Permanente
  • Mike Conroy, Emergency Planner, Kaiser Permanente
  • Shelley DuTeaux, California Air Resources Board
  • Kyle Goff, Californai Air Resources Board
  • Sam Hughes, Chief Operating Officer, Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital
  • John Kennedy, USEPA
  • Robin Montgomery, Sutter Health
  • Rich Nickle, ATSDR
  • Shannon McDougall, Director, Emergency Preparedness, St. Joe Medial Center, Orange County
  • Paul Penn, Incident Commander, Hospital HazMatTraining

* Titles for these individuals were current at the time of course development.

California Department of Public HealthRichmond, California

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